PolarPro Snorkel Filter P2009


For Use in Shallow Water (2-15′)
Color Correction for Blue/Tropical Water
Snap-On/Off Attachment
Tether Cord and Storage Pouch Included
Fits GoPro Dive Housing

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The†Polar Pro Snorkel Filter for GoPro Dive Housing†corrects for the loss of red light in blue or tropical water at depths from 2 to 15 feet, making it ideal for snorkeling and other shallow water filming with your GoPro. By compensating for the loss of red light, the filter allows the GoPro to capture more natural-looking colors underwater. While it is made for use in tropical or blue water, it will also help color correct footage in green water as well. It features a snap-on design for easy attachment onto the GoPro Dive Housing, which is compatible with the HERO4, HERO3+, and HERO3 models, and comes with a tether cord to help prevent loss and a microfiber pouch to store it in. Note:†This filter is designed to fit onto the GoPro Dive Housing for the HERO4, HERO3+, and HERO3. It is also compatible with the original HERO3 housing. It will not fit onto the GoPro Standard Housing.

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