PolarPro P1002 Magenta F.2.0 H3/4 (40M)


Color correction for scuba diving in green water
Perfect for filming in freshwater and green algae rich saltwater
Most effective from 15 to 75 feet deep
New ultra-durable construction
Includes tether and storage bag

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The PolarPro Magenta Filter for the GoPro Hero4 camera is designed for scuba diving in green water. The GoPro Hero4 camera has a difficult time registering colors when diving due to the loss of red light. Often videos filmed in freshwater or algae rich saltwater, videos turn out very green. Our magenta filter helps the camera color balance everything in front of the lens, allowing the camera to capture vivid underwater colors. This magenta filter works best from 15 to 75 feet deep. Filter features a snap on design for quick tool-free installation and removal. Before your next dive be sure to pick up a PolarPro Magenta Filter to capture the best green water videos possible.

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