PolarPro Rmt Progrip 4in1 Gopro Grip


Fits all GoPro cameras
Floats GoPro and SmartRemote
Mounts GoPro remote flush with grip
Top section ejects for an additional ultra-compact grip
Mounts to any backpack, scuba bcd, or strap with StrapMount (sold separately)

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The ProGrip is more than just a basic GoPro hand grip. Setting the new standard for grips, the ProGrip features storage (10ft deep) for 2 batteries (Hero4 and Hero3/3+) or anything else you need to keep safe and dry. The top section allows the GoPro remote to be mounted flush with the grip, enabling comfortable camera control. An ergonomic rubber grip enhances durability while the aggressive tread pattern ensures it does not slip in wet conditions. The top section also ejects from the main grip, providing an additional ultra-compact grip that fits in your pocket. With the PolarPro StrapMount (sold separately) the ProGrip mounts to any backpack, scuba bcd, or strap. ProGrip redefines what a GoPro grip should be and is ready to take on your next adventure.

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