WIZ Motion Sensor


Color: White
Material: Plastic
Battery not included
Detection Area: 3m/120?
Control Distance: 15m
Battery Type: LR6(AA)

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The WiZ wireless indoor sensor sets your lights to turn on and off according to motion detection. Put it at the entrance or corridor and trigger on your desired light modes just by walking by, set it to turn off or to minimum brightness after you leave the room. It controls all the lights in a room and has a motion detection range of up to 3 meters. Set the sensor to trigger different light modes during different times of the day in the WiZ app (e.g. warm white in the evening or nightlight after bedtime).

Battery operated
Works with all WiZ Connected products

Automate your lights. Works with all WiZ Connected products.
You can set the lights to turn on / off or change light mode according to motion detection. It works with all WiZ Connected products

Flexible setting
Set the lights to turn on a certain brightness or a specific mode such as nightlight, daylight. You can configure what happens when motion is no longer detected, and after how long

Easy installation. Battery-powered. No mains wire required.
Battery-powered, no mains wire required. Quick and easy mounting with screws on the ceiling / wall or place on desk.

3 meter wide range motion detection.
The detection range is as wide as 3 meters with a beam angle of 120 degree

Whole room control
The sensor is attached to a single room and triggers all lights in that room. You can move the sensor in the app if you want it to trigger lights in another room instead

Trigger different light modes
” By setting Rhythms for the room in the WiZ app, you can make your sensor trigger different light modes at different times of the day”

Works even without Wi-FiWorks even without Wi-Fi (after pairing).
The sensor communicates directly to the WiZ lights. It works even when your Wi-Fi is down.

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