Segway Ninebot Kickscooter F40


  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Range: 40km
  • Motor: 350W
  • Climbing: 20%
  • Lights: Front (2.5W) and Rear
  • Meter: Digital
  • Brakes: Electric Brakes & Disc Brakes

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F40 Kickscooter is the next generation of scooter which will be above the performance and design of Ninebot Max scooter. The current model has a 40KM range which is suitable for all heavy duty usages and a top speed of 30Km/h will provide speed and reliability to all users.

Ninebot F40 scooter series comes with 10 inch wheel diameter Inflatable tires, The Inflatable tires are soft and elastic, and have good shock absorbability and better ride stability. There are easily accessible on flat, dirt, and all rough terrain.

Multi terrain use is no problem for Ninebot F40 Scooter with its large tire surface, Ninebot F40 is portable, functional and practical for all hard surface usage and provides smooth ride experience.

Ninebot F40 Scooter Front wheel E-ABS system does ensure users will have a safe ride even during wet conditions, rear wheel mechanical disc brake technology will provide extra breaking during emergency situations. This double brake system is a class of its own latest technology.

Ninebot F40 scooter is installed 2.5W highlight LED headlights which will provide extra coverage during night riding compare to Ninebot Max scooter.

Battery life of 1Watt per km, during testing riders could get over 45KM per charge on reliability tests depending on terrain

Premium Appearance by Ninebot Segway F40 Scooter
Ninebot Segway First Line large factory professional tire pattern design is to ensure users safety during wet weather conditions.

Ninebot F40 scooters are all designed for easy to use with the one-click handling and multi modes changes provided on the top controller bar.

Display for Ninebot F40 scooter is embedded with stylish digital meter and premium quality material built to ensure reliability.

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