SP Gadgets Car Bundle – iPhone 7+/6+


MicroRail mount on the backSlim, protective, functional
Use of all ports and buttons
3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguarding
Ready to mount, out of the box
For iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus
Dual Function MicroRail – quick snap-on or secure twist-lock
360∞ lockable position
Scratch-free air vent mounting
Easy mounting and removal

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The SP Connect CAR BUNDLE is the easiest way to place your smartphone in your car. It attaches to your carís air vents in seconds and allows you to either snap on or lock your phone onto the 360∞ mounting disc. Now you can position your phone in landscape, portrait or any other angle you feel comfortable with. The VENT MOUNT is so small you can take with you when travelling. The slim SP Connect PHONE CASE keeps your phone protected at all times and lets you mount it to any other SP Connect mount.

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