Amazingthing SupremeLink 1m 3.0A Lighting Power Max Cable (MFI) – Gold


Dupont kevlar made of military fiber material
20AWG wire gauge 50KG resistant to pulling

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Made up of very durable bullet proof material. Amazing Thing Supreme Link 1 m 3.0A Lighting Power Max Cable (MFI) ñ Gold supports PD adapters for fast Charging. 20 AWG Ultra Robust Cable. C 98 Latest MFI connector. Bend tested fifty thousand (50,000) times. The max output is 3.0 A. Up to 50 kg Tear Resistance. MFI Certified. Ex Bullet SR Design. Built with DuPont Kevlar Fiber. Has a 24 k gold connector. Third ñ braided nylon.

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