Boya Univeral Lavalier Microphone Micro-cravate Black


Clip-on Mic for Smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PC etc.
High-quality condenser, ideal for video use.
Low handling noise.
Includes lapel clip, LR44 battery,foam windscreen,1/4? adapter.
Play back headphone monitoring in smartphone mode.
-10dB sound attenuation.

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Universal Lavalier Microphone
The BOYA BY-M1 Pro is an universal lavalier microphone, which compatible
with smartphones, PC, cameras, audio recorders,and other recording devices etc.

On it’s compact body, there are a few special and useful functions that distinguish BY-M1 Pro to other general microphones in the market.
With -10dB pad switch, it electively reduces unwanted plosive when the subject sound is very loud and close to the microphone,
make sure the recording is always clear. With a 3/8″ headphone jack on the bottom, it allows users to monitoring sound in smartphone mode.

In order to ensure you have a good experience, please read the manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference.

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