Polarpro Frame 2.0 6-pack


6 Filter Pack
Impove Image Quality While Protecting Your Lens
Low-Profile & Ultra Light Design
HD Glass For Razor Sharp Image Clarity
Pack Includes Polarizer Filter, Neutral Density 3-Stop, Neutral Density 4 Stop, Neutral Density 5 Stop, Neutral Density 3 Stop Polarizer, And A Neutral Density 4 Stop Polarizer
Black Finish

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The PolarPro Frame2.0 Production set is the ultimate filter set for the GoPro Hero3, Hero 3+, and Hero4 cameras. The filters are designed to shoot through the least amount of glass as possible, mounting directly to the GoPro lens (only compatible with naked GoPro, Frame housing, or most gimbals). This set is tailored for the production use, where slower shutter speeds are needed to either match other cameras, slowing shutter speed to give videos a smooth, cinematic look. This filer set gives you full control over the GoPro?s shutter speed allowing you to reduce anywhere from 1 to 5 f-stops.

The Frame2.0 Professional set will also help pilots flying the 3DR Solo or other GoPro Drones. The Polarizer filters help eliminate glare and reflections bouncing off the ground, while the ND filters help reduce shutter speed and in turn help reduce shutter speed to cinematic levels. These ultra-light filters are perfect for using with gimbals, and do not require any counter-balancing.

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