Quad Lock Magnetic Head


Glass filled nylon housing
Black zinc coated stainless steel screw
2mm thick Neodymium 52H nickel plated magnets
Compatible with Quad Lock MAG? Cases and Quad Lock MAG? Universal Adaptor
Compatible with Quad Lock? Car and Desk Mounts
Compatible with Quad Lock 360?
*Quad Lock MAG? Head is not recommended for use in rigorous applications such as on motorcycles.

**Use of a Quad Lock MAG? Case or MAG Universal Adaptor required.

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Integrate the Quad Lock MAG? Head with Quad Lock 360? and experience super fast mounting.

You can be confident your phone will stay put thanks to strong hold magnets and additional sheer resistance provided by the Quad Lock? interface.

The magnet array and Quad Lock? interface ensure you always mount your phone straight. Simply position your phone in front of the mount and let the magnets do the rest.

The Quad Lock MAG? Head will fit seamlessly into every setup with it’s slim profile, matte black finish, glass filled nylon housing and black zinc coated screw.

Please note:
*Quad Lock MAG? Head requires use of a Quad Lock MAG? Case or MAG Universal Adaptor

**Not recommended for use in outdoor, rigorous applications, such as on motorcycles and bicycles.

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