Blaupunkt Air Purifier & Filter Airpure AP 1.1 & APF 1


3-layer Filtering System
Smart Fan Mode
PM2.5 Air Quality Indicator
Purify The Air
HEPA Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
UV Germicidal Lamp
Touch Screen Technology
Filter Replacement Reminder
Real Time Air Quality Auto-Detection & Reading

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Purify The Air
Blaupunkt Air Purifier AirPure AP 1.1 unleashes clean air into the atmosphere within the applicable area ranging from 3-10m_. Designed with 3-layer filtration system , the AirPure is able to clean the air up to 99% being able to remove several hazardous particles present in the air. With simple touch control and the convenience to plug and play at any confined space, the result is obtaining unlimited clean air. The presence of AirPure will not be noticed thanks to the low level sound administered by the device. AirPure offer clean air to those with allergic, asthma and even younger kids. During Haze season, this device is an essential in the car. Be in the car or in your room, AirPure AP 1.1 works like a charm. Be amazed with AirPure 1.1 features and expect clean air in no time after turned on. With the Plug-and-Play function, it is portable and movable to anywhere you desire. From bedroom to the inside of the car, just plug it using the USB cable and let it do its job in cleaning the air. Worry no more towards contaminated air with AirPure 1.1.

Stage 1: Pre-Filter
Pre-filter layer captures big particles such as human hair, pet dander, dust, etc.

Stage 2: HEPA Filter
HEPA Filter layer removes fine particles as small as 0.3_m such as airborne allergens such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and pollen.

Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter
Activated Carbon Filter layer are used to remove strong odor, Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) and hazardous gases in the air. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are present in the car comprises of polymers, foam, upholstery, adhesive, carpet, coating and composite wood.

UV Germicidal Lamp
AirPure AP 1.1 has a built-in germicidal lamp to improve the air quality of your surroundings. You don?t need to worry about the microscopic organisms that can cause infection to you and your loved ones.
The ultraviolet emitting germicidal lamp produces UV light waves that cause disruption in the bonds in the DNA. Due to the disruption, all of the bacteria are killed during this process.
Having the ultraviolet technology within the air purifier is a good way to sterilise the air in a non-chemical way.

*UV light, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter provides sterilization efficiency up to 99%.
*UV light will be activated when AirPure is turned on.

Touch Screen Technology
AirPure AP 1.1 has a touch screen panel that lets you control the device with a single touch. The seamless surface on the AP 1.1 increases the speed of the response based on your touch and enables quick operation of the device.

AP 1.1 is so easy to use because the device has an automatic on/off system that turns on the device when car ignition is on. Besides being so easy to use, the touching act would appear instinctive and will allow you to navigate the AP 1.1 at ease. This encourages the user-friendly concept and saves your time.

Filter Replacement Reminder
AirPure AP 1.1 benefits you by clearing up the air of your surroundings to prevent unwanted compounds and particles that are present.

Real Time Air Quality Auto-Detection & Reading
AirPure AP 1.1 is designed to have a Smart Fan with Air Quality Sensor that enables the device to automatically adjust the fan speed based on the air quality. The auto-detection feature will let you know the quality of the air you are surrounded with through the changing of three colour indicators. Each colour represents different air quality.

Blue Indicator (0-50ug/m_)

Good air quality
Starts to operate with low fan speed
Green Indicator (51-99ug/m_)

Average air quality
Starts to operate at high fan speed and will maintain until the air quality improves.
Red Indicator (100-999ug/m_)

Poor air quality
Starts to operate at high fan speed and will maintain until the air quality improves.

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