WIZ A60 LED 806 Lumens 9W Warm White to Cool DayLight


Special feature: Dimmable. Tunable White
Light type: LED
Power factor: 0.55
Voltage: 220-240 V
Wattage: 9 W
Wattage equivalentL: 60 W
Light colour: Warm white
Color temperature: 2700-6500 K
Control with Wiz app or voice

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Bring human-centric lighting into your life with this smart WiZ LED A60 tunable white bulb. Apply different shades of warm to cool white to help you focus or relax. You can set schedule to turn lights on and off according to your daily or weekly routines, control with your smartphone or your voice and have remote access to your lights even when you’re away. WiZ lights connect to your existing Wi-Fi, no additional hardware is needed.

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