STM Glass Protector iPad 7/8/9th Gen 10.2″


Constructed from 0 3 mm tempered glass with smooth chamfered edges
Glass provides ultimate protection maintaining the feel and response of actual touchscreen
Designed to work explicitly with the Apple iPad 7th gen
Included STM tempered glass screen protector wet wipe dry wipe dust sticker

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Guard and enhance your device?s touchscreen with this tempered glass protective accessory. Application is easy with the enclosed complimentary installation kit.

Key Features
Compatible with the iPad 10.2-inch 7th Gen (2019), and the iPad 10.2-inch 8th Gen (2020)
Constructed from 0.3 mm tempered glass with smooth chamfered edges
Glass provides ultimate protection (maintaining feel, response of actual touchscreen)
Designed to work together with most popular cases (specifically cut to fit inside case edges)
Included: STM tempered glass screen protector, wet wipe, dry wipe, dust sticker
Step 1: Clean & Dry
Use the enclosed wet wipe to remove any dirt, oil and smudges from your device. Then use the dry wipe to dry the device screen to a streak-free finish.

Step 2: Dust Removal
Use the dust removal sticker to remove any visible dust or lint from your screen. For the best results, do this immediately before applying your screen protector.

Step 3: Preparation
Remove the screen protector from the plastic sleeve, then use the pull tab to peel off the clear sheet from the sticky side of the screen protector. Be careful not to touch the adhesive.

Step 4: Application
Carefully align the screen protector with the edges and openings on the screen with the adhesive side down. When correctly positioned, gently press the centre of the screen protector. The adhesive should smoothly glide across the screen and adhere to the device. Use the micro-fibre cloth to push out any remaining bubbles towards the edge of the protector.

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