Quad Lock 360 Base – Flat Rectangle Base Flat 2 Hole


  • 68.5mm (2.7″) long x 28mm (1.1″) wide x 14mm (0.55″) high
  • AMPS Hole Pitch: 48.5mm (1.9″)

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Securely fix your mount to flat surfaces using one of our Rectangle Flat Hole Bases.

Both bases can be fixed to flat surfaces vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

Each base uses the universal AMPs hole spacing standard and the holes will accept 10G or M5 countersunk fasteners. If using the 4 hole base, we recommend using all 4 hole screws for the strongest connection.

A 10mm Spacers and x2 screws are supplied for connecting the spacer to a Quad Lock 360 HEAD or ARM.

Please Note: Screws are not provided for mounting the base to your required surface

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