Polarpro P1014 Switchblade 3 Glass ED


  • Compatible with Hero3+ Dive/LCD/Wrist Housing and Hero3.
  • Glass Red Filter For Color Correction in Tropical and Blue Water.
  • Macro Lens for 2.2X magnification.
  • Both Lenses Glass for Pristine Optics and Scratch Resistance.
  • Includes: Switchblade, Storage Bag, and Tether.
  • Imported from USA.

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The Polar Pro SwitchBlade3 is a combination Red Filter and Macro
Lens. The Switchblade3 allows you to have a red filter for color
correction in Tropical and Blue water, as well as a macro lens
for close up shots along the reef. The filming options are
endless wit this system. The glass red filter swings up and out
of the way, for filming in shallow water. Then swings back in
front of the camera for filming below 4 meters. The glass macro
also locks open and closed, and any combination of the two lenses
can be used. The entire unit slides onto the Hero3 waterproof
housing. Only Compatible with the HERO3 waterproof housing

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