Insta360 X3 Screen Protector


  • Custom curved design for a precise fit. No spot left uncovered.
  • Tempered glass means resilient and strong protection for your X3.
  • High definition and crystal clear transparency.
  • Comes with a Protector Application Kit

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Screen Protector. High protection, high transparency.
Flawless coverage. Thanks to the custom curved surface, this is the only screen protector completely compatible with the X3. Smooth and silky swiping all the way round.
Don’t worry ’bout a thing. Butterfingers? Tempered glass is impact and scratch resistant, giving you peace of mind.
Crystal clear. With more than 90% light transmission, you get the same clarity and brightness you expect from your X3. You won’t even notice it’s there.
At home installation. Comes with everything you need for easy application right from your home.

1x Screen Protector
1x Alignment Tool
1x Screen Cleaning Wipe
1x Film Removal Stick
1x Protector Application Kit
*Protector Application Kit contains: Screen Cloth, Dust Removal Sticker, Scraper.

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