Insta360 ONE X2 Utility Frame


Designed to mount, mic up and shoot.
Shoot the way you like to with your accessories.

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Insta360 ONE X2
Built-in lens protector & cold shoe. Ideal for mics and lights.
Mount directly to your accessories.

Easy access
from the side.
Charge & shoot at the same time.

Aluminum alloy build
with copper interior.
Dissipates heat while protecting your ONE X2.

Made for vertical or horizontal shooting.
Mount using either the bottom or side prongs.

When mounting horizontally:
Use the 2 provided screws to attach a mount
point to the cold shoe

When mounting vertically:
1.) To install your ONE X2, unscrew the top
thumbscrew, slide ONE X2 into the
frame so it’s firmly in place.
2 )Unfold the mounting prongs and mount
directly to your accessories.

*When disassembling, make sure the lens cap is
taken off first, then loosen the top screw, and
slowly slide the camera out of the Utility Frame.

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