Insta 360 One RS Lens Cap


Fits Insta360 ONE RS & R with 360? Lens
Compatible with Lens Guards & Bracket
Prevents Against Scratches & Dust
Silicone Construction

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This lightweight, durable Lens Cap from Insta360 fits onto the 360? lens of your ONE RS or ONE R action camera to protect it when not in use. The cap can fit onto the lens even when the camera is equipped with sticky lens guards or the compatible mounting bracket. Its durable silicone construction prevents scratches and dust from damaging the lens.

Protect your Dual-Lens 360 Mod in between shots from scratches and dust.
Made to fit.
Durable silicone to match the sleek contours of your ONE R lens.

Protect from dust and scratches.
Fits snugly onto your ONE R 360 build to keep dust out.

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