Hyperice Venom Wearable Heat + Vibration Shoulder Device – Right


Material: Premium Plush neoprene
Modes: [heat levels] 130F, 145F, 160F, [vibration patterns] wave, pulse, constant
Wireless: yes
Battery Type: lithium ion, rechargeable
Battery Life: 2 hours

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When you lead a busy and active lifestyle, sometimes your body needs a little encouragement to be ready for the adventures to come. From reliable warmups to recovery sessions, call on the Hyperice Venom Heated Vibration Shoulder Device to give the muscles of your shoulder a heat-infused massage before and after exercise. Integrated nanotechnology conducts heat to open blood vessels and alleviate pain, while vibration increases contractions to further aid healing and restoration. Controlled by a vibrant digital display, simply toggle through heat and vibration settings until you’ve found the perfect intensity levels, and take advantage of the timer mode to let the wearable perform on its own. Whether you’re recovering from a troublesome injury or warming up your body before the day begins, the Venom Shoulder is ready to lend a helping hand.

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