GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty


Capture Hands-Free Stable POV Footage
Bite Mount Secures in Mouth
Built-In Mounting Buckle
Floaty Keeps Your Camera from Sinking
Easy-to-Spot Bright Orange Floaty
Ergonomic Rugged Design

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Designed for surfing and other aquatic activities that require both hands, the†GoPro Bite Mount with Floaty†lets you capture stable POV footage while the camera is secured in your mouth. The Bite Mount itself uses the GoPro standard 3-prong accessory interface for securing the camera and allowing range of motion and for adjusting the camera angle. Plus, the front of the mount has a built-in mounting buckle for connecting with any other GoPro buckle mounts. The bright orange Floaty affixes to the included Backdoor, and if you happen to drop your camera, the Floaty will keep it at the water’s surface. Since it’s bright orange, the Floaty will be easily visible so you can find your camera in the water.

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