Google Home Mini – Charcoal


  • Far-Field Voice Recognition Technology
  • Multi-User Capability
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Wireless Audio Streaming via Wi-Fi
  • 1x 1.58″ Driver for 360° Sound
  • Works with the Google Assistant
  • Compact Design at 3.86″ Wide, 1.65″ High

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Get hands-free help in any room with Google Home Mini Charcoal. It’s powered by the Google Assistant so you can ask it questions or tell it to do things. This Google Mini charcoal is your own personal Google. Just start with “Hey Google” to get answers from Google, tackle your day, enjoy your music and entertainment. This Google Home charcoal will help you control your smart home or entertain the family. and when you ask for help, it can tell your voice from others for a more personalized experience. Google Home Mini Charcoal works on its own or you can have a few around the house, giving you the power of Google throughout your house.

Google Home Mini Charcoal:
Gives you the functionality of Google in your home
Ask it questions or tell it to do things to tackle your everyday tasks, enjoy music and entertainment
Google Mini charcoal customizes to you by recognizing your voice
Can work on its own or you can have several around the house

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